Quick Update About Our Local SEO Company

So we just wanted to give a quick update to everyone about what is going on with our marketing and seo. Since we have had the best local seo company out there working for us we have seen our amount of traffic triple, and that just over the past month. It is very nice to just focus on the blog here, and not worry about seo at all. That was probably the best move we could of ever made here at IBC. Freeing up our time to do what matters to us is much more important to us than sitting in front of the computer all day trying to get our site to the top. We are eternally grateful to this company for their hard work and dedication they have shown over the last month. Now that we have some more time on our hands, we will be putting that to good use, which means getting this site back to where it previously was, with tons of useful articles and updated information hopefully daily. We know it will take a good amount of time to achieve this, but we owe it to our readers to get it done and get it done quick. So that is pretty much the update we had for you guys, not much more is going on over here. If you would like to read about the company that is doing our local seo, please feel free to visit their site here http://naturalseojuice.com for more info about who they are, what they do, how they do it, and what they charge. As always have a very blessed ay!

Our Marketing, Design, & Status

Hi guys, as you can see we just put the site back up and have not completed the design yet. We wanted to put something up temporarily so that it was not just sitting here empty. So please know that we are working diligently to get this site back to how it was, with tons of great info and useful resources. We have asked a few companies to help us out.

The company that is helping with our Web Design and SEO is SEOjus and they are a leading company in Florida. We have used them many times before and they do a great job each and every time we use them. There is no doubt that they will get us back on track very soon. This means a fully functioning web site with all that great content you are used to from us, and page 1 rankings for all the keywords we were previously ranking for. What is most important to us is getting our local seo back to how it was. We had some really great rankings before, but when the site went down we lost it all. And just so everyone knows, the site went down because there was some changes in Web Hosting and we wanted a great company to use so that we didn’t continually have problems and so that our site never ever went down. That is why we were gone for about a month, and we sincerely apologize to everyone who came here and didn’t see a site up at all.

Now back to the goals we have here, considering that SEOjus is one of the best out there, we are very confident that their local seo services will get us back to the top in no time at all. We do understand that since we were down for about a month that it will take some time to get those same results back. But we will be patient, and do what we have to do in order to achieve our goals. That is what hope and faith is all about, and we have that in ten-fold here. Our patience has been tested, and we will survive anything and everything that we are put through. So thanks again to all our supporters and we really do appreciate it all. Make sure to have a great day, and stay tuned and keep checking back for some good stuff to read.

The Best Tub Refinishing Ft Lauderdale Company Around

Good morning everyone, and thanks for reading our local business review posts. Today we are going to talk briefly about a great Tub Refinishing Company In Ft. Lauderdale Florida. They really do excellent work and we have absolutely nothing at all to complain about when it comes to their work. We were told about the company from a friend of the family when we mentioned that we had some bathtubs that are in horrible condition and were looking for a professional and reliable company to come out and refinish them again. The friend recommended this company and we called them the next day. We set up a appointment for them to come out and look at the tubs and they came out the following day. Needless to say, they are definitely the best Tub Refinishing Ft Lauderdale Company around town, that would be Fort Lauderdale. We ended up hiring them to do the work, we had three tubs that needed to be refinished or resurfaced, and they did all of them. The end result was perfection, literally. Each tub looked like it was brand new straight from the manufacturer, white and shiny, no cracks no chips no fading, just a perfect surface. We could not find one thing wrong at all, they were and are still flawless. The price that we paid for all three tubs was definitely affordable and less then some of the competitors prices that we got quotes for. We already know that the other companies in the area do not do as good of a job as this company, so we know we got a great deal along with superior service. If you happen to be looking for a company that is local that will get your bathtubs looking like new then we highly suggest and recommend using the company we are talking about today in this post. You can not go wrong if you use them. Besides that there is not much more that we can say about this. We hope you found this post useful and take our advice and use this company.

We Really Like This Vape Site That Does Reviews

Hey my terrific readers, thanks for checking back with us and for taking the time to read today’s review post. We are going to tell you about a fantastic vape site that does honest, reliable, and upfront reviewing of some of the latest Vape Equipment on the shelves. We are writing this post to give them some well deserved attention, and they definitely deserve it.

One of their latest posts is the Herakles Plus Tank Review which they did an excellent job on, very detailed, very specific, with lots of pictures. I know that before I actually bough this Sub Ohm Tank I checked to see if they did a review on it and they did! I was able to make an educated decision as a well researched buyer, which is what we need more of. I do not know what I would of done if they didn’t have the review up, because it’s very hard to know if some of these other reviewers are telling the truth or if they are being influenced by a company who gave them something for free. That being said, when you read something on this site we are talking about today you can be sure that it’s the truth, with no bs at all.

You should also check out another review they did recently did, I’m pretty sure it’s the new Sub Ohm Tank that Playboy designed called the Playboy Vixen Tank Review which they did a great job if I must say so myself. Like I said before, every single review they do is top notch, that we can so for sure. If I could give one suggestion today that you will take to heart it is this, before you buy anything vape related online be sure to see if they posted a review on it.

They usually post 2-3 new reviews a week, sometimes more and sometimes less, depending on how busy they are of course. I always check their site at least once or twice a day, but that is just me. You can also subscribe to their newsletter or what they like to call Vapeletter to get the latest news, deals, and updates on reviews.

There is one more thing I have to say, they had at least a 100 live reviews up on the site a few weeks ago, and when we looked the other day there were only about 4 or 5, so we emailed them and asked what happened. Apparently there was some type of server / hosting issue and they lost all of their older reviews! That is so horrible I don’t know what I would do if that happened to me, but it appears they are just taking it in stride and moving forward, which is what needs to be done I guess. Go check out the site The Best Vape here @ http://thebestvape.com and support them as much as possible please.

Ok guys and girls, it’s coming up on Christmas and New Year’s really soon, and we want you all to be able to continue to read this blog, so make sure you all are safe this holiday time. Make sure you have designated drivers, and don’t drink and drive.


The Best Bronx Movers In New York

Today we are back and ready to give you some info about a great local moving company. As you know from our previous posts and reviews, we only write about companies that we have used and have experience with. That being said, we think that the Best Bronx Movers is Serenity Movers New York. They have been in the Moving Business for over 15 years and they have an excellent record to date. Given the length of time being around you can assume that they are one of the Best Moving Companies In Bronx. We have used them over the years about 5 different times for both resident uo and commercial moves. We can honestly say that they are excellent at what they do. They have perfect customer service, extremely competitive pricing, grear turn around time, and are honest throughout the whole process from beginning to the end. We have used quite a few movers over the past 15 years and no other compny even comes close to this company. As we have said before time and time again, we only write about local compnies that provide excellent service all the time. And since we have used this moving company a bunch of times we can say for sure that these guys are the best in the business.

If you or anyone you know is planning a move and are near the Bronx we highly recommend and definitely suggest that you check out Serenity Movers New York to see what they can do for you. You can get a free onsite quote by just filling out a form and scheduling a day and one for them to come out. Once you have the price you can go from there. From the tons of research we have previously done we can pretty much guarantee that you will not find a better Moving Company or better pricing from any other Movers in NYC. Go check out Serenity Movers New York now to get more information about their services, pricing, and everything else about the company. If you want more info here is the link to their website – http://serenitymoversnewyork.com now you can go ahead and check out details about their services and you can fill out the quick form to get in touch with their current service team to schedule a Onsite Free Estimate. Once you have that quote you can go forward with checking out their competition, but we already know you will not find a better moving company or better prices. Well that’s pretty much it for this local business review post, as you can see we definitely recommend this moving compny to anyone who is moving and lives in New York. You can not go wrong when using these guys.

Which Moving Companies To Use In NYC

Today we are going to tell you about a great Moving Company we used recently. It is not usually easy to find good movers, specially in big cities where there are so many of them. But we did happen to find one, by simply following some guidelines, and by starting with a simple search like moving companies nyc which we typed into a few search engines. Once we did that, we wrote down our 5 favorites based on their site, the information they had on their site, and a few other minor things. We then went to the BBB, and looked at all the companies profiles. We then searched around the net and read all the reviews that customers posted about the service they received from the moving company. After that we had all we needed in order to move forward. The next step was to have each of them come out and take a look at the house, so that we would have accurate prices to go by. That came and went, and now we had free quotes from all the companies. Now we just needed to pick one to use, by using all the data we had collected, in order to make the best decision possible. Our main goal was to have a stress free move, that resulted in little to no damage, and that was reasonably priced for us. So we made our decision, set it up, paid the required deposit to book the day, the movers, and the truck. Moving day arrived, and so did the movers. They did a great job wrapping and packing everything, and safely loading everything into the truck. Now we just needed to go to the new place, unload everything, and set it up in the correct place. That was just as easy for them,  and it only took half the time, so we were definitely on schedule. In a matter of time they were done, and everything was in the correct location. We did a quick walk through just to make sure there was no damage on anything, and there was not. We then paid them, tipped them, and sent them on their way. They asked if we would ever refer anyone to them, and we said we would. In fact we did one better, we wrote this post about how good their services are, and how to get in touch with them. We would definitely recommend Serenity Movers NYC to anyone who is moving soon or in the near future, and is located in NYC, or any of the 5 boroughs. They will do a good job, take care of your belongings, keep to their estimated price, and not rip you off in any way. Just make sure to do your research before hiring a moving company, as you do not want your stuff to get stolen, or for it to get damaged, or for the price to magically go up once they are done. That is why it is imperative to do the proper due diligence before hiring a moving company.

We already did all the work for you, now you just need to call them or fill out their contact form and set up a free quote.

Here is their contact page = http://www.serenitymovers.com/contact/if you want to get in touch with them.

If You Are Thinking About Getting Links

If the thought is going through your head about whether or not to build of buy links, let me try and make up your mind for you. There are a few ways to get links, one way is to create awesome content and prey someone notices it, then links to it, the other is to build spammy links that do absolutely nothing for you, and the last way is to carefully and skillfully buy high pr links that will boost your site to the top. We all know the quickest and easiest way is to just buy them, but you have to be very careful in how you do this. If you buy the wrong ones, or they are built too fast, or built without diversity, then you can have big problems. The safest way is to buy high quality powerful ones that pass along authority to your site. This can be a little tricky, because there are a lot of people on the net that are just looking to make a quick buck and rip people off. If you are going to go down this route, make sure you do the proper research on the company first, and make sure they take care of their customers. Do not, no matter what, buy any service that advertises on the popular forums or buys banner ads on sites. That would be the quickest and easiest way to your websites death. I have used a few companies in the past and only one of them has done me right. The provide high quality links and they do not advertise anywhere. I would highly suggest that you take a look at this company if you are going to go down this path. The best thing you can do to get to the top is to keep the links coming to your site controlled, meaning that at any time you can edit, alter, or delete them.

This company did me right many times and always gives me what I pay for. You can check out their site if you want, and you can say that you heard about them from us. You might even get a little discount on the work. These guys premium seo juice are the best around and I can tell you that you will be very happy with their work and extremely satisfied in the end. Go ahead and check them out now, what are you waiting for?