Our Marketing, Design, & Status

Hi guys, as you can see we just put the site back up and have not completed the design yet. We wanted to put something up temporarily so that it was not just sitting here empty. So please know that we are working diligently to get this site back to how it was, with tons of great info and useful resources. We have asked a few companies to help us out.

The company that is helping with our Web Design and SEO is SEOjus and they are a leading company in Florida. We have used them many times before and they do a great job each and every time we use them. There is no doubt that they will get us back on track very soon. This means a fully functioning web site with all that great content you are used to from us, and page 1 rankings for all the keywords we were previously ranking for. What is most important to us is getting our local seo back to how it was. We had some really great rankings before, but when the site went down we lost it all. And just so everyone knows, the site went down because there was some changes in Web Hosting and we wanted a great company to use so that we didn’t continually have problems and so that our site never ever went down. That is why we were gone for about a month, and we sincerely apologize to everyone who came here and didn’t see a site up at all.

Now back to the goals we have here, considering that SEOjus is one of the best out there, we are very confident that their local seo services will get us back to the top in no time at all. We do understand that since we were down for about a month that it will take some time to get those same results back. But we will be patient, and do what we have to do in order to achieve our goals. That is what hope and faith is all about, and we have that in ten-fold here. Our patience has been tested, and we will survive anything and everything that we are put through. So thanks again to all our supporters and we really do appreciate it all. Make sure to have a great day, and stay tuned and keep checking back for some good stuff to read.